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Here are some nice things people have said about us, after attending a concert ...

"I belong to the local U3A Group and came along to see your amazing band's last performance at Jennett’s Park ... thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, with such happy & talented musical entertainers ... the whole evening was really magical" - PB

"Really enjoyed the evening ... look forward to seeing you again soon" - SK

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole concert ... excellent" - BR

"What a lovely welcome and an enjoyable occasion. The music was all my era, therefore able to sing along, was not sure what to expect but we would like to attend your next one. The lady vocalist [Tricia] was magic so we hope to see her again also." - SH

"The evening was great, I have seen you before at South Hill Park and always enjoyed your music. I was blown away by the voice of Tricia as was the rest of the audience by the rapturous applause. Thank you again for a very enjoyable evening." - TM

"... how much we enjoyed the concert last night. Four of us attended and we all thought it was a great evening. The music was fantastic. We also liked Tricia very much ... the table allocation and the ability to bring along food and drink were all great ideas. Well done and we feel sure we will be along to see you again." - ML

"Enjoyed the evening, played lots of numbers I knew, and Tricia Bassett has a very good voice. All the organisation and administration went very well, it was spot on. Good luck with your other performances." - DG

"Many thanks for last evening - it was a great night, we enjoyed it so much. Some really terrific solo performances too. Hope to see you again." - JC

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